5 suites at the Palace

Sleep peacefully in a luxurious, cosy cocoon

Each suite in the Palais has a name that reflects its colour scheme.

The "Jardin d'Argent" suite is located on the ground floor.

On the upper floor, the four suites "Camélia Velours", "Douce Amande", "Pourpre d'Or" and ‘Poudre de Rose’ are arranged around an inner courtyard planted with trees.

Each of them opens onto the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and offers its occupants a breathtaking view.

The rooms are cleaned daily and the bathroom linen is changed.

Chambre déco orientale
“Jardin d'Argent” suite

On the garden level, the “Jardin d’Argent” suite is reminiscent of oriental fragrances and western sophistication.

  • Possible extension of lounge area (revisited Morrocan Lounge) : 30 sqm
  • Private bathroom & Dressing room,
  • Private terrace
  • Maximum number of people: 2
  • Bed size: king-size (2 x 2 m)
  • Size of the suite: 65 sqm

The “Jardin d’Argent” suite enjoys a privileged view and access to the surrounding garden. It is bathed in soft zenithal light that warms the room and gives it its relaxing character.

Its thick curtains embroidered with silver thread have earned it the name “Jardin d’Argent”.

Opposite the bed, you have a marvellous view of the garden and the Atlas Mountains. In the foreground is a chaise longue where you can lean back and enjoy a moment of pure contemplation.

An alcove and the adjoining bed form a reading corner that invites you to relax and wrap yourself up.

The suite has a large dressing room and a carefully designed en-suite bathroom.

The high ceilings, bright colours and natural light create a harmonious space that welcomes guests in search of serenity.

“Camélia Velours” suite

With a view of the Atlas Mountains and the swimming pool, the delicate “Camélia Velours” suite offers its occupants an intimate and relaxing cocoon.

  • Living area with fireplace,
  • Private bathroom & Dressing room,
  • Private terrace
  •  Maximum number of people: 2
  • Bed size: king-size (2 x 2 m)
  • Size of the suite: 70 sqm

This magnificent suite, characterised by its refinement, has an entrance to the dressing room and a private bathroom decorated with alcoves and skylights.

The bedroom, decorated in ochre and chocolate tones, opens onto the outside via two large picture windows, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the pool and the surrounding area with the Atlas Mountains in the background.

Large camélia flower motifs adorn the suite’s thick curtains, earning it the name “Camélia Velours”.

Opposite the bed, a small lounge with 2 symmetrical deckchairs invites you to relax.

Next to the fireplace, a side table provides an ideal reading corner from which you can enjoy the view outside and its dazzling colours.

“Poudre de Rose” suite

The “Poudre de Rose” suite offers romantic comfort for those in search of privacy.

  • Living area with fireplace,
  • Private bathroom,
  • Private terrace,
  • Dressing room
  • Maximum number of persons: 2
  • Bed size: Queen-size (1.8 x 2 m), which can be converted into a double bed of 90 cm each.
  • Size of the suite: 37 sqm

Like a cocoon, the “Poudre de Rose” suite welcomes the bed and the adjoining dressing rooms into its upholstered enclosure.

At the foot of the bed, two armchairs next to the fireplace provide a cosy reading corner.

The bathroom has an alcove bathtub under an illuminated arch that emphasises its enveloping character.

“Douce Amande” Suite

The bright and antique “Douce Amande” suite overlooks the gourmet orchard and the pergola with Florida vines.

  • Lounge area with fireplace,
  • Private bathroom & Dressing room,
  • Private terrace
  • Maximum number of persons: 2
  • Bed size: King size (2 x 2 m)
  • Size of the suite: 37 sqm

With a view of the inner courtyard and the orchard, the “Douce Amande” envelops its residents in a marzipan-coloured atmosphere.

Nestled between a terrace overlooking the tree-lined courtyard and a private bathroom, the room enjoys both a view and a privileged location.

The suite has access to a private terrace offering a romantic view of a bed of white roses and a flower-filled arbour.

Like the other suites, the “Douce Amande” also has a fireplace to warm up in winter.

The refined bathroom has a four-poster bath with a floral chequerboard pattern and shell motifs.

Finally, the suite has a large dressing room where you can store your belongings for the duration of your stay.

“Pourpre d'Or” Suite

The “Pourpre d'Or” suite is characterised by its bright colours and strong contrasts, which lend its inhabitants vitality and dynamism.

  • Living area with fireplace,
  • Private bathroom & Dressing room
  • Private terrace
  • Maximum number of people: 2
  • Bed size: queen size
  • Size of the suite: 36 sqm

The “Pourpre d’Or” suite, which is shrouded by its “Menzeh” with the mysterious moucharabieh, stands out with its golden chequerboard headboard, which contrasts with the baroque red and purple tones of the furniture.

Wide crimson velvet and organza curtains drape the suite’s windows and offer the occupants privacy.

Two armchairs surround the fireplace opposite the bed and form an elegant seating area.

The suite has a private bathroom with a view of the outdoor terrace.

The sunken bathtub is crowned by a lace arch, adding delicacy and sophistication to this intimate space.

Revel in the sounds of the Moroccan countryside